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To aid compositions students in their composition, exercises, and analysis studies. 

Analyzing Your Counterpoint: 3-Part, 5th Species

As a counterpoint student or composer, learning and working with these analysis elements will improve your work in species exercises and composition in general.


You can apply these analysis points in 2, 3, or 4 parts, and virtually across the species (although, for example, you won't analyze dissonances in 1st species). This analysis is done according to the Renaissance style as taught in the Jeppesen text, modeled after Palestrina and contemporaries.


This analysis assumes you understand, or are getting to know some of the counterpoint terminology - there are resources linked in the video description to help.

1st sets example.png

In Manus Tuas - 3-Part Imitation: Score Playthrough

This is the fifth setting from the Into Thine Hand: Psalm Selections composition; more here.

English translation is provided below the beginning of each phrase.

Rylee & Renée sing Kyrie Imitations [2-Part shorts in Renaissance style]

This is the first set of exercises for imitation in Renaissance Counterpoint studies. It is slower in tempo than usual to the style, which highlights the melodic and harmonic components for counterpoint students.

Species Exercises, First Sets

[6 Pages, Jeppesen]

Species exercise template for your first sets in 2-part counterpoint - above and below the cantus firmus [respectively].

3-Part, 4th Species:

Counterpoint Examples

3-part, 4th species exercise examples in each of the 5 Renaissance modes.

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