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Frank Frontera is advancing an educational initiative in music: with a focus on the keygrid (perfect fourths polyphonic layout] for learning, performance, and composition. He writes music  for concert production of his classical works, for soundtrack based productions, and the keygrid.

He has been engaged in composition studies under the pedagogy of Dr. Alexander Rapoport (University of Toronto). He has built strong foundations through Renaissance and tonal counterpoint, and by completing ARCT Theory (Harmony & Counterpoint, Analysis) with the Royal Conservatory of MusicHe graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Music Business Management in 2013 at Durham College.


He is recently acting as the RCM Centre Representative in Pickering (near Toronto), and has been a music teacher with Toronto Piano, City of Pickering, including other schools, while also teaching privately. He composes and produces projects oriented in genres such as - orchestral, soundtrack, classical, rock, and electronic.

 Frank intends to impact the depths of the listener and deliver an intense, archetypal, and inspiring experience of musical works.

Frank Frontera profile //Toronto

Besides music, Frank's interests include: consciousness, human culture, ancient mythology & history, cosmology, spirituality, and connecting with nature. 

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