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Lessons with Frank

I have a fun and organized approach to students learning composition on their instruments, music theory, production, and composition. I provide the option of in-person or online lessons - either in a group, or one on one. 

Learn the basics of composition: from simple melodies, chord progressions to combining rhythm and lead - or more advanced studies into counterpoint. Learn how to enhance your creative processes and find a flow through the right techniques adapted to your style.


Frank is open to teach keygrid lessons, and is developing for more. See here

Theory: Counterpoint, Harmony, Rudiments
I guide students from music theory rudiments to advanced counterpoint and harmony depending on their goals. Strategies to implement theory with a chosen instrument are included with regular lessons; music theory is also offered as a separate focus.


Electric, acoustic: I begin by familiarizing students with basic guitar concepts, learning songs, and charting out their path on the instrument. We proceed with music theory and follow with techniques to understand the fret-board. Students will develop skills in sight reading, techniques for left/right hand development, practice habits and creating a custom practice routine. Students will be encouraged and challenged in many ways to increase and implement their growing musicianship. I guide students from one stage to the next; from beginner to intermediate, intermediate to advanced -including instrument setup, string changes, intonation, and much more.

I explore the process of production through a student's instrument while incorporating integral elements (recording, sound design, midi mapping, etc) for the student to gain experience in the studio environment. Or, production fundamentals as a separate study.

If interested in lessons, contact for details.

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